Kurtis Wolford

Golf Course Superintendent

I was born and raised in Redding, CA. It was the perfect spot to grow up, with four very distinct seasons and lots of outdoor activities. I love anything outdoors, from hunting, fishing, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and backpacking back country. My father was a high school agriculture teacher for more than 30 years. Much of my time growing up was near the farm and doing outdoor activities. My love of golf and working on courses came from my exposure to golf at 7 years old. My brother, a former golf course superintendent, and my grandfather got me into golf and I was hooked. I played several junior tournaments and varsity golf in high school. I started working summers on courses and when I graduated school, I enrolled in a mechanics and welding Regional Occupational Program (ROP). I worked two jobs (golf course and auto shop) while attending junior college at Shasta College. When I had figured out exactly where my interest and heart was (golf), I transferred to Cal Poly SLO. I moved to San Luis Obispo and immediately went to work on a construction crew building a county course in the area while going to school. I worked five hours in the mornings, then went to school, and then bartended at night. I have always been a workaholic from an early age. I graduated with a degree from Cal Poly in Environmental Horticulture. I was hired at another golf course construction site in the East Bay Area, and then another in Roseville, where I decided to put roots down in the Sacramento valley. I married my wife, Kari, who is a high school Spanish teacher. We have two children, Jillian, 11, and Carson, 7. We love to travel, especially in Mexico and Central America. We love to go to our family cabin in Lake Almanor. I love being involved in the golf community and regularly volunteer my time to helping promote golf. I have served on many state water taskforces and association boards as president and officer. Currently, I am serving as President of the California Golf Course Superintendents Association, representing more than 900 course superintendents and golf courses.

I have lots of hobbies. Other than outdoor activities, I love to build things. I am an avid woodworker. I love restoring 1970s Volvos and Honda Motorcycles. I always have a vegetable garden growing. If I was not working on golf courses, I would either be a farmer or own a fabrication shop.

That’s me in a nutshell!