Mindy Adolf

Human Resources/Accounting Manager

Hi! I am Mindy and I am originally from Clovis, CA. I spent some years in Los Angeles for college and then eventually landed in the Stockton/Lodi area. My career background was mostly hospitality, including a long run at a golf course in my hometown. Working at the golf course truly felt like a different level of employment. I enjoyed the family aspect and relationships that were built while working there, versus the fast-pace-related hospitality/customer service jobs I had previously experienced in other jobs. My positive experience working for a golf course led me in my search for similar employment in the area.

I stumbled upon Woodbridge Golf & Country Club in May 2010 and was hired on the spot. It didn’t take but a few moments in my interview to know that this is where I belonged. I was excited to find such a special and welcoming gem of a place. Little did I know, I would experience such special and monumental growth and memories while working at the Club. I have been blessed to not only work here at Woodbridge and grow my career year by year, but I have also enjoyed seeing our members and their families live, love, laugh and grow as well.

I have worked at the Club more than 11 years now, and it has truly been the best decade of my life. My first 6+ years I worked my way up in the food and beverage department striving to provide excellent service to our members. The most rewarding part about my years working in food and beverage and Woodbridge, is all the wonderful memories, holidays and relationships I built with the members I served. The past 4+ years I have been working in the administrative office. I welcomed the offer to move departments, not only for a more consistent schedule for my family, but for the challenge and career path change. I worked mostly in accounting taking on different roles but recently challenged myself by taking on the role of Human Resources Manager for Woodbridge. This role has been very educational, challenging and enjoyable. My plan is to continue to work toward bringing Woodbridge’s HR department into the future, focusing daily on employee safety, appreciation, happiness and wellbeing. 

During the years I have worked for Woodbridge I have experienced many people come and go as well as many changes. But what truly never changes is Woodbridge’s character and love for our members and staff. Woodbridge is Family, passion for excellence and growth for the future members and staff alike. I look forward to the years to come and can’t wait to continue working with our amazing management team on continually improving Woodbridge Golf & Country Club for all of you!