3 things tennis players need to be great

By Haley Marais, Tennis Pro

Big muscles are definitely NOT needed to play great tennis but they do need to be toned and trained so you can move and swing with force without losing control. It’s not about “pumping iron”. In fact, you can develop elite tennis strength using just your body weight.

Great strength without balance and stability can only lead to mountains of unforced errors. Winning athletes at all levels of the game of tennis are rock solid even when having to dynamically move and swing at the same time.

Less effective competitors, on the other hand, seem to be constantly stretching, wobbling and making last second adjustments even when they don’t have to move much to get to a shot.

Not a “touch your toes” or a “pull your arm across your chest” kind flexibility but a dynamic, whole body sort. Tennis doesn’t isolate singular muscles or body parts. EVERY part of the body has to be able to work freely and in unison to perform well.

Unfortunately most tennis players don’t stretch in that kind of way. Instead, they pinpoint only specific muscles or joints and leave the rest of their body tight and tense.

From beginner to professional these traits are not only necessary to perform your best but they’ll also shield and protect you from injury!

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