6 ways to improve your golf game

By John Hughes, Woodbridge Golf & Country Club Head Golf Pro

  1. Stay Positive
    If you’re patient with yourself and stay relaxed during your quest to become a better golfer, the pieces will gradually fall into place. Things to remember: Nobody cares— golfers are narcissistic, and your playing partners will care a lot more about their own score than yours.
  2. Don’t Take it Too Serious
    Notice the natural beauty of the architecture & landscape of the golf course. You’re not playing for a living – so don’t act like it! Enjoy your surroundings, remember that a relaxed mindset is why you’re out there. Have fun – your playing partners will remember you for a good attitude and not what your score was.
  3. Focus on Shots Around the Green
    Chip, chip, chip…and then with the remaining time Chip! Hit these shots from every angle. Short game work is less monotonous (and less frustrating) than banging balls on the driving range hour by hour. Master the shots around the green and then worry about the long game.
  4. Stay Balanced
    Get your setup relatively conventional, and from there, as you make your swing and think about maintaining your balance. Don’t swing for the fences all the time. Your goal is to make a swing without struggling to keep your balance. Hold your finish, balanced. You’ll have a platform you can build on for years.
  5. Play Fast
    Keep it moving—make sure you’re not the reason your group falls behind. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how bad you are, as you keep moving. And, you’ll score better. Try it.

And 6 … Take Care of the Course
Fix ball marks, fill divots, rake bunkers, keep carts away from the green area.

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