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Bylaws: Article 5 – Expulsion & Redemptive Right


ARTICLE V: Expulsion and Redemptive Right

5.0      Any Member may be suspended or expelled by the Board for non-payment of indebtedness to the Club or other cause as determined by the Club’s Executive Committee. Upon expulsion, all indebtedness to the Club is immediately due and payable.

5.01. For any other cause other than indebtedness, a Member, or a Member’s spouse or dependent, may be expelled or other appropriate action may be taken (including, but not limited to, fines or reprimands) by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of all the members of the Board of Directors.  The protocol for taking this vote shall be determined by the Club President. The Member, spouse  or dependent shall be notified in writing of the action being taken and the reasons for such action.

5.02. The term “cause” for purposes of paragraph 5.0 et seq shall include, but not be limited to, any violation of these Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, the Membership Plan, or other Club rules and policies; disorderly conduct at the Club, conduct endangering the good order, welfare or character of the Club, or conduct unbecoming a Member of a private club, as determined by the Board; and being deemed “financially irresponsible” as defined in the Membership Plan.

5.03. As a precursor to expulsion, a Member, Member’s spouse or dependent may be immediately suspended at the discretion of the Club’s Executive Committee or General Manager.  A hearing by the Board shall be required for any expulsion.  Any expulsion initiated by the Club’s Executive Committee or General Manager shall have immediate effect as a suspension and that suspension shall stay in effect until the Board meets to further deliberate the expulsion.  The Member shall be provided written notice stating the grounds of the proposed expulsion and notify such Member, Member’s spouse or dependent that he or she has a right to be heard.  Notice shall be delivered or mailed to the last address carried I the records of the Club for such Member, spouse or dependent, at least fifteen (15) days before such hearing is scheduled.  Any pre-existing suspension shall remain in effect until the Board votes on the merits of the expulsion The expulsion shall be effective by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board.

The Board, by two-thirds (2/3) vote, may rescind any expulsion and reinstate the Member, spouse     or dependent upon or without conditions, at its discretion.

5.04. Any expelled Member, Member’s spouse or dependent shall not be allowed to use any of the facilities as a Member or as a guest of another Member.

5.05. The Club may, in its discretion, exclude or remove any non-member from its premises, or refuse the use of any of its facilities to such non-member.

5.06. In the event of a dispute between a Member and the Club, or for any other reason determined in the Board’s discretion, the Board may, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all Board Members elect to redeem a Member’s membership by repaying the Member the Initiation Fee (without interest or premium of any kind, and less any amount currently owed to the Club by the Member) or portion of the Initiation Fee actually paid to and received by the Club at the time Member joined the Club (or subsequently, if the Initiation Fee was paid in installments). Upon payment, Member’s rights and interests in the Club will immediately cease, and Member shall automatically relinquish any and  all claims associated with the membership and the Member’s use of the membership. In the event that the Board elects to redeem a Membership by repaying the Initiation Fee in full, no expulsion hearing as described in Section 5.01 et seq above shall be required.


Expulsion for Indebtedness or Other Causes – Members can be expelled by the Board for not paying their dues or for other significant reasons determined by the Executive Committee. Once expelled, any outstanding debts to the Club are immediately due.

Expulsion Process – For reasons beyond not paying dues, a member or their family can be expelled or face other penalties (like fines or warnings) if two-thirds of the Board agrees. The process for this vote is set by the Club President. The person facing expulsion will be informed in writing about the reasons for this action.

Defining “Cause” – “Cause” for expulsion includes breaking the Club’s rules, acting in a way that disrupts the Club’s order, or behaving in a manner unfit for a member of a private club. This also includes financial irresponsibility as outlined in the Membership Plan.

Immediate Suspension Leading to Expulsion – The Executive Committee or General Manager can immediately suspend a member, their spouse, or dependent as a step towards expulsion. This suspension remains until the Board reviews the case. The affected individual will receive written notice of the proposed expulsion and will be informed of their right to a hearing, which is scheduled at least 15 days in advance.

Reinstatement After Expulsion – The Board can decide to end an expulsion and bring someone back into the Club, with or without special conditions, based on a two-thirds vote.

Restrictions on Expelled Members – Once expelled, the individual and their family cannot use the Club’s facilities, either as members or as guests.

Authority to Exclude Non-Members – The Club reserves the right to remove non-members from its premises or deny them the use of its facilities.

Membership Buyback – In case of a dispute or for any reason the Board sees fit, it can choose to buy back a member’s membership. This means paying back the initiation fee (minus any debts the member owes to the Club), without any added interest. Once the fee is returned, the member loses all rights and claims associated with their membership. If the Board opts for this buyback, no expulsion hearing is needed.

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