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Bylaws: Article 9 – Miscellaneous


9.0 Proxies. At every meeting of the Club Membership, any Proprietary Member having the right to vote shall be entitled to vote in person or by proxy; provided, however, the proxy must be given to either the spouse of such Member or another voting Club Member. Such spouse or voting Member must attend the meeting in person to be entitled to vote. There shall be no proxy voting for meetings of the Board.

9.01 Gender and Number. All pronouns in these Bylaws shall be deemed to refer to the masculine, feminine, neuter, singular or plural as the identity of the persons referred to may require.

9.02 The Fiscal Year of the Club shall be the Calendar year.

9.03 In the event of any conflict between these Bylaws and the Membership Plan, the terms of these Bylaws shall control; provided however, that the Amendment provisions of Article X of these Bylaws expressly do not apply to the Membership Plan.


Proxies for Voting – At Club Membership meetings, Proprietary Members can vote either in person or through a proxy. This proxy has to be their spouse or another voting member of the Club, who must attend the meeting to vote. The Board of Directors meetings do not allow proxy voting.

Gender and Number References – Any pronoun used in the Bylaws should be interpreted to match the gender and number of the person or people it refers to, whether it’s masculine, feminine, or neutral, and regardless of whether it’s singular or plural.

Fiscal Year – The Club operates on a calendar year basis for its financial and fiscal reporting.

Bylaws vs. Membership Plan – If there’s ever a disagreement between what’s written in these Bylaws and the Membership Plan, the Bylaws will take precedence. However, it’s important to note that changes to the Membership Plan don’t require the same amendment process outlined for the Bylaws in Article X.

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Updated on April 11, 2024
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