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Tennis: Court Resurfacing Project begins!

Exciting news! The resurfacing of Tennis Courts 2, 3, and 4 is now set to begin in mid-May, ahead of schedule. This update is part of our commitment to enhance your tennis experience with high-quality, safer, and more visually appealing courts.

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Annual Cart Lease

We offer annual cart leases to members. Cart leases can be for a single designated member or for a family. Please note, our family cart

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Downgrading Memberships

Members are allowed to downgrade their memberships at any time, but please keep in mind the following: Most importantly, the Club does not allow Member

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We allow members to add personal nannies/caregivers onto accounts as dependents. Nannies/Caregivers are only allowed on premises when caring for the member’s dependents. Any consumables

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Hole in One Insurance

When a Member or Spouse makes a Hole-In-One, each participating Member within the Hole-In-One Program can receive a free drink on the day the Hole-In-One

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Golf Cart Fees

Daily cart fees: • $12 per rider for 9 holes.• $20 per rider for 18 holes. Annual Cart Lease: $1,800 per year / $160 a

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