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Annual Cart Lease

We offer annual cart leases to members. Cart leases can be for a single designated member or for a family. Please note, our family cart least is a Double Rider lease — meaning you are leasing two seats per year. For example, a family of four golfing together on the Double Rider lease would still incur a daily cart fee for two riders, and the lease would cover the other two riders.

Cart leases do not cover guests.

2024 Cart Lease Pricing:

  • Single Cart: $120 Monthly or $1,200 Annually
  • Double Cart: $160 Monthly or $1,800 Annually
  • Daily Cart Fee: $20 per person


To make a cart available to Member on each day that the golf course is available for play, provided the cart has been reserved for play that day. The Club cannot guarantee a cart at all times during the rare occurrence when tournament play utilizes all the available carts.


  • To reserve the cart at least one day in advance of the day when it will be used, by making such reservations at the Golf Pro Shop. If no reservation is made, carts will be assigned to lessees and non-lessees on a “first come first served” basis. Carts are required for all tournaments. The Club cannot guarantee a cart at all times.
  • A single lessee is entitled to one cart seat, not two cart seats. Double lessees are entitled to two cart seats when both lessees are present, otherwise one cart seat.
  • To operate the cart in a safe and competent manner and to comply with all Club rules regarding such use, and to pay any costs of repair to the cart occasioned by the negligent operation thereof, or the violation of any Club rules, by Member, his family, or guests.
  • It is mutually agreed and understood that Club assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage or injury to persons or property including but not limited to damage or injury to Member and/or any member of his/her family or their property and/or Member’s guests resulting in any way from the operation of the cart. Member also agrees to hold Club free, indemnified and harmless from and against any liability and from any claims and/or demands made against the Club for any damage or injury to person or property, including but not limited to damage or injury to Member and/or any member of his family, or their property resulting from the use or operation of the cart by Member and/or any member of his family, or any person who Member or any member of his family authorizes to operate or use the cart.
  • That this cart lease is not assignable to any other person, and that rental fees paid are non-refundable except in the case of a death of a Member, in which case a pro-rated refund will be made by the Club if requested by Member’s surviving spouse or estate.


This agreement automatically renews each January 1. All annual payments will be billed to the Member’s account on January 1. If the member’s intent is to cancel this agreement for the subsequent year, the Club must be notified in writing by December 1. The Board reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this agreement (or any extension thereof).

Download the Cart Lease Agreement.

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Updated on April 18, 2024