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Bylaws: Article 4 – Suspension


ARTICLE IV – Suspension

4.0      Any Member may be suspended by the Board for non-payment of indebtedness to the Club or other cause as determined by the Club’s Executive Committee.  Upon suspension, all indebtedness to the Club is immediately due and payable.

4.01    For any other cause other than indebtedness, a Member, a Member’s spouse or dependent, may be suspended, or other appropriate action may be taken (including, but not limited to, fines or reprimands) by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all the members of the Board of Directors.  The protocol for taking this vote shall be determined by the Club President.  The Member, spouse or dependent shall be notified in writing of the action being taken and the reasons for such action.

4.02    The term “cause” for purposes of section 4.0 et seq shall include, but not be limited to, any violation of these Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, the Membership Plan, or other Club rules and policies; disorderly conduct at the Club, conduct endangering the good order, welfare or character of the Club, or conduct unbecoming a Member of a private club, as determined by the Board; or being deemed “financially irresponsible” as defined in the Membership Plan.

4.03    A Member, Member’s spouse or dependent may be immediately suspended at the discretion of the Club’s Executive Committee or General Manager.  A hearing by the Board shall be required for any suspension undertaken by the Club’s Executive Committee or General Manager.  Any suspension initiated by the Club’s Executive Committee or General Manager shall have immediate effect and stay in effect until the Board meets to further deliberate the suspension.  The Member shall be provided written notice stating the grounds of the immediate or proposed suspension and notify such Member, spouse or dependent that he or she has a right to be heard.  Notice shall be delivered or mailed to the last address carried in the records of the Club for such Member, spouse or dependent at least fifteen (15) days before such hearing is scheduled.  The suspension shall have final effect upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the board. 

The Board, by two-thirds (2/3) vote, may also rescind any suspension and reinstate the Member, spouse or dependent upon or without conditions, at its discretion.

4.04    During a period of suspension, the suspended Member shall continue to be responsible for applicable dues and assessments but shall not have any Club privileges nor be allowed as a guest.  In the event of a suspension of a spouse or dependent, the Member shall continue to pay full required dues for the Membership.  If a member is suspended and fails to make payment of required dues during such suspension, then a condition precedent of the reinstatement shall be the immediate payment of all dues and assessments applicable to the period of suspension.


Basis for Suspension – Members can be suspended by the Board due to not paying what they owe the Club or for other reasons deemed significant by the Executive Committee. As soon as a suspension is in place, any money owed to the Club becomes due right away.

Suspension for Other Reasons – Actions beyond not paying dues, affecting a member, their spouse, or dependent, could lead to suspension or other penalties (like fines or warnings) if two-thirds of the Board agrees. The Club President decides how this vote happens. The person facing action will get a written explanation for it.

What Counts as “Cause” – “Cause” includes breaking the Bylaws, the Club’s rules and regulations, or acting in ways that harm the Club’s atmosphere or reputation. This could mean behaving disruptively, endangering the Club’s well-being, or showing financial irresponsibility as outlined in the Membership Plan.

Immediate Suspension – The Executive Committee or General Manager can suspend someone right away if needed. This decision is temporary until the Board reviews it. The affected individual will be informed in writing about why they’re being suspended and told they can defend themselves. This notice will be sent to their last known address at least 15 days before their hearing. A final decision requires two-thirds of the Board’s vote.

Lifting a Suspension – The Board has the power to end a suspension and welcome someone back, with or without special conditions, based on a two-thirds vote.

During Suspension – A suspended member must still pay dues and fees but loses all privileges at the Club. If a spouse or dependent is the one suspended, the member must continue to pay the full dues. If suspended members don’t pay their dues during suspension, they’ll have to settle all outstanding payments as a condition for getting back their membership status.

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