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Bylaws: Article 8 – Committees


8.0 The Committees of the Club shall be: Executive (see 7.0) Nominating (see 7.11) Membership Finance Golf & Greens Social Sports Long Range Planning. All Club Committees are to be advisory only, and their duties and authority are under the control of the Board. The members of Committees other than the Executive and Nominating Committees shall be appointed by the Committee Chairperson and shall consist of as many members as deemed necessary and proper. The Board may add, delete or combine various Committees from time to time, in its discretion.

8.01 MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: The Membership Committee is charged with evaluating and recommending persons who have applied for membership in this Club, reporting its findings to the Board of Directors. All matters considered by the Committee are to be held in the strictest confidence.

8.02 FINANCE COMMITTEE: The Finance Committee is charged with control over the Club’s financial interests, recommending fiscal policies for protection of the Club’s assets, and preparing annual operating and capital budgets for approval by the Board.



8.05 GOLF & GREENS COMMITTEE: The Greens Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Board for the proper operation and maintenance of the golf course, related to buildings, and adjacent grounds, including all paths, walks, roads, parking spaces, trees, shrubs and flower beds. The Greens Committee is also charged with planning, scheduling, and conducting all golf competitions, (recognizing competence and age factors), coordinating with the General Manager and the appropriate Committees, and recommending to the Board publicity, prizes, budgets, and any special rules governing members participating, other contestants, and spectators.

8.06 SOCIAL COMMITTEE: The Social Committee is charged with planning, scheduling, and conducting all Club entertainment, dances, dinners, games and other social functions sponsored by the Club, including all things necessary and proper to foster good social relations and fellowship among all members of the Club. The Social Committee is also charged with monitoring the physical condition of the Clubhouse, making recommendations for its operation and maintenance, as well as the fixtures, furnishings and equipment thereof, and making recommendations as to quality and pricing of foods and beverages served. This Committee shall also recommend conditions under which members and guests may use club facilities for Club or private occasions.

8.07 SPORTS COMMITTEE: The Sports Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Board for the proper operation and maintenance of the tennis courts, related buildings, and adjacent grounds, providing a program of instructional group competitions (recognizing competence and age factors) for the benefit and enjoyment of all members, and recommending to the Board publicity, prizes, budgets, and any special rules governing members participating, other contestants and spectators.

8.08 LONG RANGE PLANNING: The Long Range Planning Committee is charged with developing and maintaining a comprehensive five-year plan addressing major factors of the Club’s facilities and services, including membership, finances, and property, and making related recommendations to the Board.

8.09 Special Committees: The President may appoint other Committees as deemed necessary to further the purposes of the Club.


Overview of Committees – The Club operates with several key committees: Executive, Nominating, Membership, Finance, Golf & Greens, Social, Sports, and Long Range Planning. These committees are advisory, meaning they give suggestions to the Board, which has the final say. Committee members, except for the Executive and Nominating committees, are chosen by the Chairperson of each committee. The Board can modify the committee structure as needed.

Membership Committee – This committee reviews applications for Club membership and advises the Board on who should be admitted. Their discussions are confidential to ensure privacy and integrity in the selection process.

Finance Committee – Tasked with overseeing the Club’s financial health, this committee recommends financial policies, helps protect Club assets, and drafts the annual budget for the Board’s approval.

Golf & Greens Committee – They focus on the golf course and surrounding areas, advising on maintenance, operation, and enhancements. This committee also organizes golf events, considering players’ skills and ages, and oversees competition details like publicity and awards.

Social Committee – Responsible for planning and organizing Club social activities, this committee ensures events promote camaraderie among members. They also oversee the Clubhouse’s upkeep and suggest improvements for food, drink, and facility use for both Club and private events.

Sports Committee – This committee recommends policies for the operation and maintenance of tennis and other sports facilities, organizes instructional and competitive activities for all ages, and manages related event publicity and rules.

Long Range Planning Committee – Tasked with future-proofing the Club, this committee develops a five-year strategic plan covering membership, financial health, and facility improvements, advising the Board on long-term goals and strategies.

Special Committees – The President has the authority to create additional committees as needed to support the Club’s objectives and address specific needs.

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